Raluca Nicola

Web cartographer with an interest in 3D and data visualization.icon of woman workingI work as a Product Engineer with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript team at Esri.icon of woman next to a map pinI'm currently based in Zurich Area, Switzerland.


Campus map - Various styles for 3D interactive campus maps

June 2021, Github

Women in space - A visualization of all the women that travelled to space until 2021

March 2021, Github

Ridgeline terrain - Interactive ridgeline plots for displaying elevation in Switzerland.

July 2020, Github

Low poly ski resort map - A touristic map of Mammoth ski resort, California. The map uses a low poly style.

April 2020, Github

Zurich in contour lines - A terrain visualization of Zurich using contour lines.

December 2019, Github

The globe of extremes - Showing the highest and the lowest points on Earth.

August 2019, Github

Earthquake visualization - This visualization displays earthquakes with exaggerated depth. The color and size of each earthquake is mapped to their magnitude.

December 2019, Github

Sketch the city - A hand-drawn interactive visualization of cities.

May 2018, Github

Malta in contour lines - A playful map of Malta.

February 2018, Github

The colors of Romania - A map that shows european election results in Romania.

September 2019, Github

Old Zurich in photos - Displays georeferenced photos from the ETH archive on a 3D map.

August 2018, Github

Hiking map - Shows the hiking trails in the Swiss National Park

May 2018, Github

Manhattan Skyscraper Explorer - In this 3D web map users can explore the highest buildings in Manhattan.

July 2017, Github


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